Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The joys of guest posting

I was invited to put together a guest post for a site I came across recently. It’s an American political blog and regularly invites guests to contribute. So, I posted about the funding issues the LAF is having with Congress and why that’s not good for the US of A. You can see the full post here.

Now, there are certainly points that you can take issue with, but I’d happily defend the content.

However, posting on the site reminded me that there are some real nutjobs out there, as can be seen from this comment:

Look my friend, we both know all who surround Israel (save Jordan as you rightly say) what Her Dead, and truth be told, in a savage way. They will not be happy till no Israeli is alive and well anywhere. The hatred can be seen, felt. One does not use their own children to blow up Israeli women and children from political disagreements. Terroist attacks are “holy” and celebrated by the vast majority of Shi’a. You know this. Not IF, but WHEN is the question regarding the Next War on Israel. The only thing stopping them is fear of defeat. All are jockying, ALL are hoping and planning. Jeruselum is a huge stone around the neck of the world, and her neighbors will not rest until She is Muslim.

It’s nice to be set straight.

Did I know I’d get this? Yes. Did it amuse me (in a very dark way) anyway? Absolutely.

Apologies for the lack of posts, lots of work of late. I hope to be back on track.