Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tree on Israeli side?

Naharnet is quoting the UN as saying that the tree was on the Israeli side of the Blue Line.

It would appear that the LAF acted in error.

Quoted from the linked article:

UNIFIL military spokesperson Lt. Col. Naresh Bhatt said Wednesday that the tree that was the core of a deadly gunbattle between the Israeli and Lebanese armies is located inside Israeli territory.
Bhatt said investigations were still ongoing into Tuesday's border clashes.

"In this area the Lebanese government had some reservations concerning the Blue Line as did the Israeli government at some other locations at the time the Blue Line was identified in the year 2000 as the line of withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon," Bhatt said.
He said Israel confirmed to the U.N. Secretary-General that notwithstanding their reservations identifying the line was solely the responsibility of the U.N. and that both Lebanon and Israel will respect the line as identified.
"The U.N. position is that the Blue Line must be respected in its entirety by all parties," Bhatt stressed.

Investigations are ongoing.

Let’s hope that calm prevails.