Thursday, 19 August 2010

United colours of Benetton

Following on from my post about funding, I saw something interesting last night, or rather I saw it again.

While out in Monot for Iftar there were people, kids, burning various objects in the street. I think it was about the electricity situation. Regardless, the Army were out in force.

Driving past a group of soldiers I noticed something.

They had Hummers from America, British Land Rovers and what I believe are Russian / Soviet-era APCs.*

*Edit: Thanks to Tiddles (see the comment) I can confirm that they are some sort of BTR varient. My military geekery remains intact ... and kind of, vaguely, on the ball... I think.*

 Hummers, not just for ganstas

 Land Rovers, mustache not required

Russian BTRs … because you know that 
eight wheels are better than four

The tribulations of being at the whim of so many sponsors down the years. The logistics of it all must beggar belief.

Here’s hoping for a time when the Lebanese Army is given the support it so richly deserves. It is a fine institution that deserves better.