Sunday, 28 February 2010

Please, not my Toblerone!

This one's a little old, but since BiB has just got started, I'm going to write about it:

It just gets better. When you thought you'd heard it all, Muammar Gaddafi, leader of Libya, he of female bodyguards, tents on lawns and an incredible line of headwear has done it again:

He's called for a jihad on Switzerland.

The master chocolatiers of Lindt are running scared, overnight the price of cuckoo clocks has sky rocketed and CERN is presently being evacuated.

Now, there's a moderately serious issue at the core of all this as you can see here, however, Gaddafi? Really?

Thursday, 25 February 2010

RSS Feed

The RSS feed is now up in the upper right-hand corner.

As a confirmed luddite I'm amazed as to how easy all this is to do.

Explains the amount of junk on the Internet I guess.


The latest way to waste an hour or two

Welcome to BritinBeirut.

For a while now I’ve been eschewing Facebook for fear of two things, 1., wasting hours of time, 2., dealing with the never-ending wall of text that is my Wall. Well, 1 leads to 2, but you get the point. Facebook is a great resource for someone who’s bounced around a fair bit, keeping in touch with friends is certainly much easier. But it’s an insidious, evil creation when it comes to my online productivity. It is the Devil.

So, I’ve decided to pollute the Internet with my ramblings. There will be a general theme - that of keeping friends, family and potential Internet stalkers updated with my thoughts and feelings. It’s not going to be a personal account of the time I went to the beach. That’d be dull as dishwater. I’ve been told that I am, occasionally, quite amusing so, we shall see. Hopefully I’ll pick up a following.

Expect to see my take on regional events, politics, society, headlines and the goldmine that is conspiracy theories (my all time number one is this: “Why does Libya have no water?” … “Because Israel steals it.” Genius. A quick check of Google Maps for the geographically challenged should point out the inherent comedy value in this particular one.)

Added to all that (congratulations if you’re still reading by the way), I’m considering dabbling on the Internet - blogs, websites, blah, blah. BritinBeirut is my trial run, if I can generate a little entertaining content, keep people amused and, most importantly, enjoy myself in the process, then I’ll be as happy as a pig in the proverbial. But, BritinBeirut is mainly a bit of fun.

So, I hope that you’ll stick around for a while and see where this goes. I hope to add an RSS feed as soon as I figure it all out.