Friday, 6 August 2010

Big brother…

So, it appears that Lebanon is set to follow Saudi Arabia and the UAE in blocking Blackberry’s secure communications services.

The issue is that Blackberry’s messaging system is sent through secure servers in the hub of all that is evil, Canada. The system is specifically designed to stop people reading customers’ private communications. Lebanon is considering joining Saudi Arabia and the UAE, whose bans come into effect later this year.

 Not so "secure" now...

Now, this is supposedly all about security concerns. Criminals could, so the argument runs, use the secure system and remain undetectable.

However … it’s also all a bit Big Brotherish.

Plus … Lebanon’s telecoms industry is owned by the government and run by private firms. In short, the government is skimming off the top. Mobile phone rates are insanely expensive in Lebanon and people have a vested interest in getting around them, hence the popularity of alternative solutions. … The government also recently tried to ban Skype.

In any case, it’s a dark day in terms of both Internet freedom and general privacy in Lebanon.

 RIM's Products: More addictive than heroin,
but better for your teeth

On the other hand, and this is very tongue in cheek, it’d be a step forward to reduce people’s chronic dependency on the Crackberry.