Thursday, 2 September 2010

HSBC's revenge

So, following on from here, the bank situation gets even more ludicrous.

If you’ll recall, we used to bank with HSBC until they arbitrarily closed our account. Well, we still hold an HSBC credit card. Sooo… the wife gets a phone call the other day. It’s HSBC on the line. They tell her that you can’t hold a credit card without an account.

My wife’s co-worker describes the noise that followed that pronouncement as something akin to the Banshee’s wail.

Yes Honey, I love you

Anyway, long story short, the missus has been in filling out forms to reopen a bank account that the bank chose to close for us.


Gets better. We have a UK credit card, held with a UK branch of HSBC. We use it when we’re back in Blighty. So, there’s a little on there at the moment. Excellent says the wife, since I’m opening an account here in Lubnan, I’ll avoid all the charges and make payment through our new, shiny HSBC account, which, they assured her, will be open in time.

But … it’s not. It’s delayed. The reason? They got her to fill out the wrong form. She then called them, turns out they can’t push it through in time ... note: she called them. The result? We were on schedule to miss a payment.

Well… until I did something that I haven’t done in years… I had to call the folks to go to the bank in the UK and deposit around 40 GBP…. 40 GBP… Lord.

Time to start putting all my shinies in a sack and burying them somewhere, methinks. It'd be much more efficient and the rate of interest's probably similar.