Monday, 20 September 2010

Happy Monday

I, like all bloggers I assume, read a collection of blogs related to my “field”*. Occasionally I’ll re-post something I see.

It’s Monday morning, with all that entails, and here’s a piece from Sawt al Niswa (Voice of the Women) that fits the mood:

“This country keeps putting you down, reminding you that you cannot go anywhere unless you come from a place where you either have a huge bank account behind your back or a huge “wasta” from some someone or somewhere.

Society is constructed in a way where you should live with your parents for the rest of your life, or until you get married, because the rents are too high, and when you need anything, you should ask your mumy and daddy always to pay for your education fees, and if you want to do it, yourself, then forget about it.” [Spelling mistake in the original.]

A touch melodramatic, though not by much, but there you go.

Thought I’d cheer you up on Monday morning.

Enjoy the week!

*I say “field”, because to write “the vague area on which we blog” would be ridiculous. Nevertheless, I’ve just typed it.