Saturday, 4 September 2010

National pride

I took a trip up to the nature reserve at Al Barouk today. It’s predominantly a site dedicated to the preservation of the Lebanese Cedar (Cedrus Libani to all you arborphiles out there). It appears on the national flag of Lebanon and, to my experience, holds a special place in the hearts of most Lebanese.

In a country that so often fails to maintain its natural environment, or its history, it’s always a pleasure to see somewhere like Barouk. Given that I've ranted about preservation before, it's only fair I share the good side too.

Before entering the reserve proper, I couldn’t help but laugh at the following sign:

Talk about highlighting the negatives

Here are a series of shots from Barouk:

No, this is not going to turn into a photo blog, have no fear.

On the way out, I saw something that sparked my interest:

Divided, but still going

 Apt, no?