Tuesday, 23 November 2010

On hotels…

This weekend, the wife and I headed off to spend a night at Locanda Corsini in Naas /Bikfaya.

Following this post, I was eager to discover if I’d be tagged as a high roller with a Lebanese ‘companion’, but alas, no such excitement occurred.

We went through the usual ID handover and photocopying procedure without the receptionist batting an eye, despite the fact I handed her an AUB alumni card as my official ID and the fact that my wife and I don’t have matching family names.

I must say I was slightly disappointed. Firstly, I was looking forward to experiencing a phenomenon I’d only heard about previously, secondly, I clearly don’t look like a high roller.

Anyway, all of this leads me to think that, perhaps, slightly more expensive hotels might not enforce the policies mentioned in the previous post, even if they let the likes of me through the door.

As for the hotel, very nice. We were worried that it would be a little old fashioned and it was, to a certain extent, but it all came together nicely. The food was very good, however it was pretty pricey for what it was.