Monday, 22 November 2010


Sitting watching the parade this morning, it struck me that something quite incredible has occurred in this country since I starting coming here in 2002/2003.

I remember watching as a bemused newcomer as the furor following Rafic Hariri’s killing slowly changed into a genuine movement of unity. The, seemingly, countless bombs, deaths, pointed fingers, theories of external, internal and international actors.

Watching ‘The Gucci Revolution’ as a guest of Beirut was something to behold. The moniker was apt, but also unfair.

I remember sitting in any number of Gemmayze bars hearing the ‘inside story’ of the events, surrounded by Lebanese and foreign members of the press.

It was early days in terms of my time in Lebanon and the feeling was, genuinely, hopeful.

Sadly, these days, like so many others, I am worried for the future, but hope that the various parties involved will resolve their issues. Sectarianism is a fact of life in Lebanon, just like my home, just like my home, it needs to be addressed.