Friday, 30 July 2010

The power behind the throne

Lebanon is famous for being the site of combat-by-proxy. Throughout the country’s history we’ve seen groups funded, allegedly, by any number of external actors slugging it out.

Today, two of those external actors, well, Syria was quite recently very much an internal actor, have come to Beirut to make nice.

In an effort to douse the flames on the latest intra-Lebanese kerfuffle, The Eye Doctor and the King have rocked up in Beirut. Saudi Arabia and Syria are “committed” to ensuring that Lebanon doesn’t implode this summer. Obviously, having enjoyed the incessant drone of the vuvzelas, Assad and King Abdullah aren’t in the mood to watch Sayyed Hassan and his detractors go head-to-head.
 Vuvuzelas - The key to regional piece

That’s nice of them.

Lebanon – The perfect holiday destination, where you can battle for regional dominance and enjoy a mojito.

Now, if someone could set that to music, I think we’ve got a new jingle for the Tourism Ministry.