Thursday, 18 March 2010

State of love and trust

So, Walid Jumblatt is soon to be off to visit the eye doctor. After many years of he-said-she-said, the two sons have finally decided to put their family history behind them. Happy days.

Walid Jumblatt

The Doc

Apparently, this is all Hassan’s doing. Having run around in circles for a while the Hezbollah leader has brought the pair together.

So, the Levantine family is all coming together again. How nice.

Sadly, one of my favourite people in the region, Gaddafi, is still well and truly on the shitlist. Michel Suleiman was scheduled to wash his hair during the entire upcoming Arab League conference in Libya. As a result, the Lebanese embassy in Syria had to decline the invitation.

Fresh from waging war on milky chocolate, Gaddafi is moving on to parsley … tabbouleh makers throughout the region are quaking in fear.

The Salad War Council

Meanwhile, the fattoush-makers union have declared their intent to stand by their embattled brethren.