Sunday, 14 March 2010

Skin deep

There’s an advert that’s recently caused a little controversy here in Lebanon. The ad is by a florist and is promoting Mother’s Day.

Here it is:

Now, I think that’s pretty funny.

But, I’ve come across two or three people who’ve expressed disgust at this. Fair enough … however, this is Lebanon.

This is the country in which adverts, and services, such as this exist:

Yes. It’s real. I’ve seen it.

How you can turn your average Lebanese girl into a blond, blue-eyed Aryan is beyond me, but then again, the scalpel can do wonders.

I did apply, but the full on body sculpting and the Brazilian Butt Augmentation were beyond my means.

Ahh well, back to hunting for a mortgage – yes, that’s what prompted this.

And, yes, there is a serious issue behind my amusement. It's all to do with the insane Beirut housing market, inflation etc., etc., but it's all too dull to write about (it's actually going reasonably well).

I’ll get back to the politics for the next one.