Monday, 8 March 2010

It keeps getting better

Bloody Israelis

So, they go and off a Hamas guy in Dubai and now the Arab, well, specifically the Lebanese, tendency toward paranoia has gone off the scale. Following my last post on the trials and tribulations of getting your papers in order, it turns out that Hezbollah regards every foreigner as a potential spook. Happy days.

Naharnet reports Hezbollah MP Nawaf Moussawi as saying, "We must tighten foreign passport control at the airport and elsewhere in the country," Moussawi went on to say, "Every Lebanese and Arab must deal with holders of foreign passports as potential spies."

I'd better not tell the wife.


Cheers, Avi. Really appreciate that. Honorary membership of Mossad. Great. Firstly, you steal our passports and then set the beardy brigade after us. I mean, I know we’re not flavour of the month at the moment, what with that little misunderstanding about war crimes and the whole food produce, West Bank-a.k.a.-Israel bumpf, but this is just taking the piss.