Monday, 21 June 2010

Step back in time

There have been a few events in recent weeks that hint that all is not well in the heart of the country. Heavy-handed treatment of refugees and the closing of a play hint at something quite disturbing.

Rachid Al-Daif’s play, Oublie La Voiture, was closed down and people ejected as it was a little too racy for staid (?!) Lebanese views. Hmmmm. Apparently every play has to be vetted by the Lebanese General Security and given a permit. This one had been rejected, ran anyway and was shut down.


Charbel felt that the work of Pier Paolo Pasolini had been 
underrated, and if you didn't agree, he'd kick the shit out of you.

Risqué plays are one thing, but violence toward refugees entirely another.

A group of Sudanese refugees were holding a charity fundraiser for a sick child. It’s been described as a “party”. Well, fresh from their turn as avant garde art critics, the police proceeded to break up the gathering.

People were dragged from the building pushed face down on the pavement and generally pushed about. Nice. Not only that, but it was reported that some less-than-pleasant language was used. “Nigger” is a term that most people deem to be disgusting, myself included, unfortunately it is heard quite frequently here. Oh, and the Sudanese are Arabs.

I’m sure I recall hearing Lebanese complain about the Syrians doing similar things when they were in town. Surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes.

But, not to worry, there’ll be an enquiry. And, after all, they got to arrest some illegal immigrants.


Time to check my papers methinks.