Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Crossed lines

This has been doing the rounds for a day or so, I’ve been holding off on posting about it as it’s all been a little unclear.

So, a telephone operator working for one of Lebanon’s two big telecommunications companies has been arrested for spying for Israel. Ok. So far, so what? This kind of accusation and arrest actually happens quite frequently in Lebanon, Google it, seems that some poor sod gets accused and spoken to every couple of weeks.

Only… looks like this one has some meat to it. He’s accused of tapping into the phone network and thereby allowing Israel to eavesdrop on all sorts of juicy gossip, learn your location via your phone and generally snoop about.

“Yes, that’s one large taouk plate, fries 
and a Coke, please.”

Telecoms security is a serious issue in Lebanon, Hezbollah came out in force to defend their private, presumably secure, network in the face of calls for them to be regulated a while ago. Seems that they were right to be worried.

On the plus side, I hear MTC are offering an exclusive, one time only deal if you want to switch over from Alpha. Hurry, lines are limited.