Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Back from my hiatus

2010 did not end all that well. Various events conspired to keep me away from BritinBeirut, much to my displeasure.

Toward the end of the year my Mac gave up the ghost after around four years of use and abuse. The scratched, dented, chipped and rattling old machine finally went off to the orchard in the sky the motherboard having died.

While I was scrabbling around finding the motivation to post frequently having lost all the various apps and other services that make blogging (for me) a straightforward process, I lost my job.

At present I am about to embark on the torturous road to renewing my residency papers.

In any case, I sit here typing away on a new Mac with a variety of irons in the fire on the job front all within the publishing industry.

2011 is looking up; Thanks to friends and contacts gained during the last few years the job front is looking frighteningly promising, touch wood. Dubai might well beckon, though staying in Beirut could well prove to be an option.

Best wishes for 2011.